Fourth Furlough Day Approaches, More Likely

Friday is the last of four furlough days for Metro Government this fiscal year. But, more furloughs will likely be built into the next budget.

All so-called nonessential employees were given four unpaid furlough days between December and May. Each day was expected to cut half a million dollars from the more than 20 million dollar shortfall facing the city.

The budget for the next fiscal year will likely be even leaner. Mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter says that could mean layoffs and more furloughs.

“I suspect we’ll at least have four, potentially more,” he says. “We’re just very early in the budget negotiations. We’re talking to the Metro Council about ways they believe we should also be cutting expenses. I suspect that furloughs will be some portion of the budget shortfall we’ll have to close for next fiscal year.”

The next fiscal year begins in July.