Council Preparing Budget Priorities

Louisville Metro Council members have until May 11th to present a list of budget priorities to the mayor.

With negative or flat revenue projections likely for the next fiscal year, Mayor Abramson has asked the council for input on what areas should or should not be cut. The list could also be consulted if – like the current budget – the next budget needs to be cut after it’s passed.

Councilman Kelly Downard says the council would be foolish to not collaborate on a list of priorities.

“We can come together and agree, disagree, etc, but come to a decision that helps mold the future of our city. And if we can do that, that’s why we’re supposed to be here,” he says. “If we can’t do that, maybe we ought to get some new people. How’s that for being strong?”

The new budget will take effect in July. Downard says the collaboration does not mean the plan will win easy passage.