JCTC Faculty To Consider No Confidence Resolution

by Rick Howlett on April 23, 2009

Faculty members in the Jefferson Community and Technical College system will vote on a no confidence resolution in response to a new tenure policy.

The no-confidence vote, scheduled for Friday morning,  is aimed at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents and KCTCS President Michael McCall.   Last month, the board voted to do away with tenure for new faculty hired after July 1.   

Proponents say the move will give colleges more flexibility in hiring and save money, but faculty union leaders say it will have a negative effect in the classroom.

“We’re very concered about the quality of education and the quality of the faculty we’ll be able to hire,” says Barbara Ashley, executive director of the Community College Faculty and Staff Alliance and an instructor at JCTC.

Similar votes have been held at several other KCTCS institutions in Kentucky, but regents chairman Richard Bean says the board has no intention of reversing the policy.

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Anne Kearney April 24, 2009 at 8:27 am

This policy is less flexible than the one it replaced. Under the previous policy local presidents could offer either a tenure track position or a limited contract. All previous flexibility is gone. It is clear that Mr. Bean and the other Regents who voted for this ill-conceived policy do not understand what tenure is. It mean that a faculty member who receives it cannot be terminated without cause. So, if a program is no longer needed, then the faculty who teach in that program will no longer be needed. It appears that in addition to educating our students, a massive education of the Regents is needed beginning with the meaning of the word “tenure” and a reading of the contracts that KCTCS offered their tenure track faculty.

jeff friend Associate Professor of Mathematics JCTC April 24, 2009 at 3:40 pm

I was in Versailles on march 13th when this vote was cast by the BOR. I could not believe the arrogance and ignorance involved in the discussion that was provided in support of this change by Dr McCAll and the board members who voted yes. There was a complete lack of understanding about what tenure means that was almost across the board. The contempt for the faculty members in attendence was really disturbing. The room was filled with tenured facutly wanting to be part of the discussion. Mind you that we have tenure, we are not going to have it taken away. We were there to explain the crucial nature of this footing in the world of higher education, so that the children of Kentucky would be taught by the best, most thoroughly vetted teachers.

We were completely disrgarded, we were called a “disturbance”, threatened with “removal”, our voices were not heard. Considering that we are the voices that our students hear every day, that to me was very suprising. Today at our faculty meeting when this vote was put before us again there were no voices, no discussion only a vote. 124-0 with five abstensions, sometimes numbers speak louder than words.

Frank Carothers April 26, 2009 at 9:20 pm

My 88 year old father, a life-long Kentuckian, and taxpayer said that “if Kentucky ever wanted got serious about education, then they would start taking better care of their “TEACHERS”…

KCTCS leadership seems very capable of taking care of “administartor’s” w/ bonuses, housing allowances, large offices, autos, etc….but they are very quick to try and balance budget challenges on the backs of TEACHERS, and STUDENTS (by always reverting to tuition increases)…Who pays the most taxes in Kentucky? My answer is TEACHERS and students.
Who always gets the short-end of the stick during a budget crisis? TEACHERS and STUDENTS!

That is shameful!

Deborah Scott & Theressa Westly April 28, 2009 at 10:34 am

We as students of Somerset Community College are standing by what Frank Carothers and his statements. We as students have experienced the fall out of increased tuition as well as underhanded dealings on the Somerset campus.
It is a true shame when a student trying to improve there circumstances by educating themselves and searching for a better way of life are put at the mercy of those who have it all and want more.
We are counting on the educated instructors to aid us in our education and in time they won’t be there for us, because these educated ones will be working elsewhere outside of the education system where they will be receiving benefits as well as retirement and health care. We need to wake up the upper levels of this system and ask, do you think you can do it all on your own? The ones you count on are not going to be there if you do not treat them with the respect they deserve and the lively hood they need to continue with their desire to educate.
Treat them as you want to be treated. You are getting more then you need to live a comfortable life. Stop putting the Educators and the students last. Show that you truly know how to run a business and keep the staff as well as the student’s needs at the top of the priority list.
Wake up before it to late.

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