Abramson, Council Members Prepare Lean Budget

budget-002Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has asked the Metro Council Budget Committee to help him put together a budget for the next fiscal year.

Abramson says predictions for next year’s revenues are not yet complete, but they will likely call for flat or negative growth, which would mean even more budget cuts for the city.

“We can’t cut travel anymore,” he says. “We can’t cut the purchase of pencils and paper and desks anymore. We have now cut back on the usage of vehicles twice in the last two years.”

budget-001The current budget has been slashed by more than $20 million. Budget Committee co-chair Jim King says the group will prioritize items that can be cut if revenues again fall unexpectedly.

“It may not be that we have to find a lot of other areas to cut right now but we may want to be prepared for that in the next fiscal year depending on what the revenue numbers actually are,” says King.

The next fiscal year begins in July.