Greater Clark County Schools Seeking Superintendent

The Greater Clark County, Indiana School District is seeking a new superintendent, but competition for qualified candidates could be tight.

Greater Clark County is conducting a nationwide search until May 5th. School board vice president Robby Valentine says he can’t discuss the qualifications of specific candidates, but he can say that a surprising number of resumes are coming in. Surprising, because some other nearby districts are seeking permanent superintendents as well.

“Locally we have North Harrison. You have New Albany/Floyd County, you have Clarksville, you have Greater Clark,” he says. “Some people are leaving to go to certain districts. You have people that have moved on. Some people retire and there’s a lot of interim superintendents around the country right now.”

Greater Clark’s last administrator, Dr. Tony Bennett,  left after he was elected state superintendent of public instruction.    Valentine says the district is seeking someone willing to make a long-term commitment.