Bunning Says Fundraising Improving

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky says fundraising for his re-election bid is picking up and he doesn’t think he’ll need as much money as originally thought to win a third term in office next year.

The Republican told reporters Tuesday that two recent fundraisers in Kentucky brought in about $125,000.

Still, for an incumbent,  Bunning has relatively litte campaign cash on hand at this point.            jim_bio

He had earlier said he would need $10 million to mount an effective campaign, but has revised that figure downward.

“I  don’t think probably i’ll need 10 million with most of the Democrat money being spent in the primary,”  Bunning said.    “I think I can get by with about the same amount that I had last time, which was about $7 million.”

Bunning narrowly defeated then-state Senator Daniel Mongiardo in the 2004 race.

Mongiardo, who’s now Lieutenant Governor, is again seeking the office, but he faces another high profile Democrat, Attorney General Jack Conway, in what’s expected to be a hotly-contested primary.