Louisville Preparing To Compete For Stimulus Dollars

by Gabe Bullard on April 16, 2009

A Louisville Metro Official says the city must prepare to compete for millions of federal stimulus dollars.

Mayor’s advisor Jim McGovern says of the three billion stimulus dollars coming to Kentucky, about two billion are already marked for health care or education. Some of the remaining dollars will come to Louisville, and others will be distributed by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

McGovern says competing for funds for some projects may be difficult, given the need that exists outside of the city.

“There are areas of our state that do not have clean water,” he says. “There are areas of our state that do not have a functional sewer system. So we’re in line. We’re in there fighting, competing for dollars, but clearly there are enormous needs in this state.”

The administration has assembled the Louisville At Work to apply for additional stimulus funds from the state and the city.

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