New Fire Station Opens In Portland

After discussions with residents of Louisvilleā€™s Portland neighborhood on where to build a new fire station, construction of the Engine 6 facility at 25th and Griffiths is complete.

The new Engine 6 is a few blocks south of the old one, which was built at the corner of 25th Street and Portland Avenue in 1903.

Replacing the smaller firehouse with a more modern facility is part of the Mayor’s 21st Century Fire Plan. But Louisville Fire Chief Greg Frederick says when it came time to build a new Rngine 6, there were concerns over where to put it.

“One of the things that I looked at was the fact that the way the road network is in the Portland area, we definitely needed to have a station in Portland just because of the time it takes to get to some of the addresses,” says Frederick.

Two more fire stations in other neighborhoods are set to open in the coming months.