Schools/Ice Storm Bill Wins Final Approval

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh 

A bill granting disaster days to school districts that lost instructional time to this winter’s destructive ice storm has won final Kentucky General Assembly approval.

Shortly after the ice storm struck the state in late January, House Speaker Greg Stumbo predicted lawmakers would give school districts some relief, and now they have. The House voted 92-4 for final passage of a measure giving affected districts up to ten disaster days.

The measure’s primary sponsor, Rep. Mike Cherry of Princeton, says “the language of the bill is permissive, unlike when it started. It moved that the Department of Education shall grant to may grant.”

In other action, on an 83-11 vote, the House gave final passage to legislation restricting, for ten years, the growth of payday lending businesses in Kentucky. Both bills now go to Governor Beshear for his signature.