Former CFO Returns, Earns Retirement And Salary

by Gabe Bullard on March 10, 2009

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has brought the city’s former chief financial officer out of retirement to run a new office.

Jane Driskell retired as Metro CFO in November, but this week she began work as the head of the new Office of Management and Budget.

She says she’s now a so-called ‘double-dipper,’ meaning she draws retirement benefits while earning a salary.

“I don’t have that opportunity to collect a second retirement through the public sector,” she says. “So I receive my one retirement and I’ll receive a salary for my new job. No different than in the private sector if you retired from one job and started another job.”

Driskell’s first task in her new job is to cut costs by improving Metro Government’s efficiency. She won’t speculate if that means layoffs, but some of her ideas for cuts will be included in the Mayor’s budget proposal in May.

“We’re facing a budget situation that we haven’t faced in any recent past. We’re really going to have to look at the way we do business,” she says.

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Kevin March 10, 2009 at 5:31 pm

You retired. Stay retired. Budget was in terrible shape when you left so you obviously don’t have what it takes yet we are paying you twice because you and our mayor are corrupt.

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