Ethics Policy Debate Continues In Metro Council

The Louisville Metro Council will continue its debate over reforming the city’s ethics policy for city employees.

Last week the council killed an ordinance sponsored by Republican Ken Fleming that he said would improve transparency and accountability in Metro Government. Democrat Marianne Butler is now sponsoring an updated version of the current ethics statute.

She says the Fleming’s legislation was difficult to understand.

“Every time we got it back with changes and different things, we didn’t have underlines, we didn’t have strikeouts, we didn’t know what was new and what wasn’t,” she says.

Fleming says Butler’s ordinance doesn’t significantly improve transparency or accountability. He will refile his legislation this week.

“It’s going to basically replicate what we have accomplished over the past many, many months getting people’s input and thoughts into this ordinance,” he says.

Both ordinances will be debated in committee before going before the full council.