Deadlines Nearing For College Financial Aid Form

The deadline is approaching for college-bound Kentucky and Indiana residents to fill out an important financial aid form if they plan to seek assistance with tuition and other expenses.

Indiana Youth Institute President Bill Stanczykiewicz says its called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

“The FAFSA form is the one universal required document that everybody needs who is interested in going to college, pursuing financial aid, including grants and scholarships, applying for loans. Anyone who’s attending college and wants to be in a position to obtain money for college must fill out this FAFSA form,” he said.

Although its a federal form, applicants must meet state deadlines if they want to be considered for aid from the state or an in-state school.

In Kentucky, the deadline is March 15. The Indiana deadline is March 10.

More information is available at FAFSA ,, or the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.