SB 68 Goes Before Full Senate

by Gabe Bullard on March 6, 2009

A bill that opponents say discriminates against same-sex couples is now before the full Kentucky State Senate.

SB 68 prohibits unmarried couples who live together from adopting children or becoming foster parents.

The bill’s sponsors say it’s designed to protect children, but Executive Director of Adoption Bridges of Kentucky Linda Davis disagrees with that argument.

“It just does not help children in any way,” she says. “Not to mention that from many people’s perspective it merely spreads hate and bigotry.”

Davis says the bill will most likely cause a decline in adoptions. Other opponents of the bill say it discriminates based on sexual orientation, as it would block same-sex couples from adopting.

The bill unanimously cleared its Senate Committee Thursday and now goes before the full body. It must clear the House as well before going to Governor Beshear. Beshear has not said whether he will veto the legislation.

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Andrew March 10, 2009 at 4:49 pm

As an uncle to an adopted child, I find this bill to be offensive, and very disgusting! There are so many children that need to be adopted, and these evil human beings are trying to stop qualified, loving people from helping these children out. I hope the people of Kentucky have enough sense to stop this incomprehensible bill from passing. Step up, Kentucky, step up!

Dan March 11, 2009 at 3:13 pm

I have been reading today about SB68. That bill is crazy, and I really feel compelled to share the guy’s blog I was reading because he seems to make a lot of sense. I think some people don’t really know what the bill means for the gay community, but for the state of Kentucky as well. Anyway, the guy’s blog is at He has several blog entries about the bill, but he also has a story about his sexuality too. That was really cool to read because the guy says he isn’t gay, but for sure is doing some stuff to explain why the bill is bogus.

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