A new, for-profit venture called Dot Eco LLC is pushing for the creation of a new top level Web domain: .eco.  Lending their names to the campaign are none other than Al Gore, Roger Moore (the actor and UNICEF ambassador), and Richard Mullen, author of “Physics for Future Presidents” and contributor to the International Governmental Panel on Climate Change.

Dot Eco’s founders hope to attract business, organizations, and individuals craving an Internet address that screams green.  Their Web site says they also plan to help fund climate change research and other worthy environmental projects.

But don’t worry about the founders subsisting on ramen noodles or anything.  Selling domain names can bring big bucks.  And these three gentlemen have a track record with venture capital successes, including selling off companies they developed to Vivendi and Viacom.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…who says you can’t help the environment and make a buck at the same time?