City Begins Education Program On Trans-Fats

Louisville Metro health officials say the’ll decide soon whether to recommend a ban on trans-fats in area restaurants.

The department plans to approach the Metro Council in a few weeks with legislation that either calls for a trans-fat ban or for a strong education program about the danger of the substance.

Director Dr. Adewale Troutman says the city will launch its preliminary education program soon, then gauge its success. The program will include a website explaining the dangers of trans-fats.

“It’ll be fully comprehensive with all of the information they need to understand what trans-fats are, why it’s an issue, how they can stay away from it,” he says. “We’re even going to put on the website right now, once we roll it out, businesses where you can go to get trans-fat food, or food that’s not cooked with trans-fats.”

Trans-fats, which are included in some cooking oils to extend shelf life, have been linked to heart disease and obesity and have been banned in other communities.

Some restaurant chains have stopped using them in their products.