Meals From FEMA May Contain Infected Peanut Butter

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is asking victims of last week’s ice storm in Kentucky not to eat the prepackaged meals that have been distributed in the state because the meals may contain salmonella infected peanut butter.

Governor Steve Beshear says Kentucky Emergency Management officials have ordered thousands of meals from a private food vendor to replace the recalled food.

“We’re not missing a beat, nobody is going to be without food and nobody is going to miss a meal during this crisis,” he says.

On Wednesday, FEMA learned that peanut butter in many of its meals may be infected. Acting administrator Nancy Ward says there haven’t been any cases of salmonella poisoning from the meals yet.

“We’re asking folks, in an abundance of caution, if they have not eaten their meal products to eliminate the peanut butter portion of the meal,” she says.

Ward says she’s not sure how many of the possibly infected meals were sent to Kentucky. She says some may have also been sent to storm victims in Arkansas.