Presidential Declaration Could Bring Federal Reimbursements

by Gabe Bullard on February 3, 2009

Several Kentucky agencies could receive federal funds for storm relief if President Obama approves a major disaster declaration for the commonwealth.

Governor Steve Beshear has applied for the declaration. Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesperson Kurt Pickering says it would let state agencies apply for federal reimbursements.

“Usually it’s three quarters and we’re talking about things like repairs to infrastructure,” he says. “There’s overtime for emergency response personnel can be covered, those types of things.”

Kentucky has already received one disaster declaration that allows FEMA to send supplies into the state.

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Patty Denton February 5, 2009 at 12:40 am

I think our government needs help. Madisonville, Kentucky local government has done a great job in getting things rolling in the city.

What about the individuals. We have all spent along of money on emergency things like generators, gas, kerosene heaters and kerosene for those heaters to stay warm.

My husband and I have been out of electricity for 9 days now and without a job for as many days since our employer in Madisonville does not have power.

What are we suppose to do. We have thrown out all of our food from our refrigerator and freezor and must replace them plus we need food now and must continue to buy gas and kerosene to stay warm.

We live in northern Hopkins County, Kentucky and need help.


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