Yarmuth And Chandler To Suggest Huber's Successor

Congressman John Yarmuth says there’s no rush to suggest possible successors to former U.S. Attorney David Huber.

Huber represented the Western District of Kentucky for just over five years. He retired last week and it’s up to President Obama to choose a successor.

Obama will pick a new attorney from a list compiled by Democratic Congressmen John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. Yarmuth says they’ve looked at several candidates, and there’s no hurry to submit the list to the President.

“The White House said ‘You can get your recommendations to us anytime you want, but we’re probably not going to do anything with them until March or April,’” says Yarmuth.

Yarmuth says he and Chandler are also consulting with Senator Mitch McConnell about the list of candidates. Huber’s successor will have to be confirmed by the Senate.