Delta Queen to Moor in Tennessee as Hotel

by kespeland on February 2, 2009

Despite attempts to keep her sailing, the Delta Queen will soon take her final trip.  She’s headed to Chattanooga, where a new caretaker will permanently dock her and turn the vessel into a floating hotel.  Harry Phillips owns Chattanooga’s Water Taxi company. He says the Delta Queen can still give the public a taste of history.

“The boat’s in incredibly good shape, especially considering its age and the number of trips it’s been on the water.  It’s a real treasure,” says Phillips.

The 81-year-old paddlewheeler has been the focus of a grassroots effort to keep her in business as an overnight vessel since she lost her congressional safety exemption. The Delta Queen will make the trip to Chattanooga from New Orleans next month.

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Franz Neumeier February 2, 2009 at 6:19 am

The Delta Queen is far from having her final trip when going to Chattanooga. The grootroots campaign for getting the exemption continues and there is still a good chance to get it eventually.
Harry Phillips is leasing the Delta Queen from Ambassadors International and operating her as a hotel as long as there is no exemption for operating her as an overnight passenger vessel.

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