Homeless Shelters Busy; Some without Power

Homeless shelters and other service agencies have been struggling with storm’s effects. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

Officials at Louisville’s Coalition for the Homeless report shelters throughout the city are near or at capacity with people needing lodging during this week’s weather. And some agencies have also been doing their work without power. That includes Wayside Christian Mission, which lost power but now has electricity. Others, like the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, are still coping without power.

Ed Wnorowski is the executive director at St. Vincent de Paul.

“Obviously, we’re running overtime, in particular for the maintenance staff,” Wnorowski says. “We’re running five generators and that’s consuming gasoline, which is not budgeted. But so far our heads are above water.”

St. Vincent de Paul and other agencies say they have seen increased demand for services in their kitchens where they are feeding more people and more families.

“Where we’re seeing the spike in demand is folks coming into the kitchen, and this is specifically weather related not just economy related,” Wnorowski says.