HomeGrown 01/25/09 – Paul deMarrais & Pearl Fryar

HomeGrown offers A Tale of Two Artists this week – one who creates homes for butterflies and another who shapes his plants to fit the visions in his mind. The butterfly artist is Paul deMarrais, who mixes pastel landscapes with the care and feeding of butterflies at his home in Northeast Tennessee.  The topiary expert is Pearl Fryar of Bishopville, S.C. who has created what’s become a world-wide tourist attraction at his three-acre garden through his self-taught plant pruning artistry and philosophy of life. Downloadable MP3

Recommendations from plant catalogs by Jeneen and Bob in this show:

Feather reed grass (Karl Foerster)
Fountain grasses (’Hamlin’, ‘Little Bunny’)
Purple fountain grass (’Rubrum’)

Romanesco squash (’Portofino’, ‘Gadzukes’)
French fillet bean, Haricots vert type (’Taverna’, ‘Fin de Bagnols’)
Russian banana fingerling potato

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