Girl Scouts Say Their Cookies Are Safe

The local chapter of the Girl Scouts of America is assuring customers that the cookies the organization sells each year to support its various programs are not part of any recall related to the peanut butter-salmonella outbreak.

Spokesperson Joe Hall with the Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana says the bakeries that prepare its cookies don’t get their peanut butter from the Georgia-based supplier believed to be the source of the contamination.

“We have our Tagalongs and our Do-si-dos that are very popular sellers. Of course, since our peanut butter is safe, we encourage people to still go out and purchase those favorites. In addition, if people do have concerns, the girl scout office is more than willing to exchange those two types of cookies for another flavor if somebody wishes to do so,” Hall said.

The Girl Scout Cookie program is a major leadership development initiative for the organization, teaching business skills and raising money for numerous activities.