HomeGrown 01/18/09 – Gary Nabhan & Perennial Plant of '09

HomeGrown honors both present and past this week with a story on the 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year, and an interview about a largely forgotten Russian scientist who traveled the world gathering and preserving seeds.  Dr. Steven Still of the Perennial Plant Association has the scoop on an ornamental grass in the spotlight for 2009.  Author Gary Nabhan tells the incredible tale of Nikolay Vavilov, who eventually gave his life in the pursuit of saving seeds for our modern world.

Recommendations from plant catalogs by Jeneen and Bob in this show:

Parrotia persica
White redbud ‘Royal White’

Cosmos ‘Rose Bon Bon’ and ‘Double Click’
Zinnia ‘Envy’
Nasturtium ‘Vesuvius’

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