Update: Judge Denies City Appeal In Vehicle Dispute

Next month the Kentucky Labor Cabinet will be asked to determine if Louisville Metro Government can charge police officers and other employees for the use of their take-home vehicles. But a court battle over the fees continues in the meantime.

The mayor imposed, then raised the fees last year to help deal with a budget shortfall.

The Fraternal Order of Police says the city has to negotiate with the union before changing the fees, and a circuit judge last month granted its request for a temporary injunction.

The city appealed, but Wednesday a judge upheld the injunction.

FOP attorney Dennis Janes says he doesn’t know why the city hasn’t tried to negotiate with the union.

“They’ve been bargaining with the city for years and we certainly understand that we have an obligation to bargain legally and ethically and we’re ready to talk, but the city has no interest in talking, they just want to collect money,” he says.

Officers were previously charged $30 or $60 for their cars, the higher amount if they used them for second jobs. In December, Abramson raised the fees to $100 and $160, respectively.