City Plans To Widen Harrods Creek Bridge

A single-lane bridge in eastern Jefferson County is set to be widened. But a legal dispute could stop the project.

The bridge over Harrods Creek on River Road has been closed since November. The city planned to add new guardrails to the project, but now officials have decided to go ahead with plans to rebuild and widen the bridge.

The project is slated to begin in March, even though the River Fields conservation group has filed a lawsuit to retain the century old bridge as a one-lane span.

Mayor’s office spokesperson Chris Poynter says the city doesn’t believe the lawsuit is valid. But if an injunction is issued, the bridge could re-open anyway.

“We do then have a plan to go to the state and put guardrails on the bridge so we can get it open temporarily until that matter is disputed,” he says. “But right now there is no injunction, it’s simply a lawsuit.”

Poynter says the project will cost about $2 million and will be paid for mostly with federal funds.

Attorney Don Cox, who represents River Fields, says he expects the federal lawsuit could
be decided before there’s a need for his client to seek an injunction.