Beshear Urges More Kentuckians to Apply for EITC

by scrosby on January 5, 2009

¬†From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Governor Steve Beshear wants more Kentuckians to apply for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. Beshear says 20-percent of eligible Kentuckians are NOT applying for the credit, which benefits low and middle-income individuals and families.

He says 200 free tax preparation sites have been established in 90 Kentucky counties.

“So I encourage citizens to go to or call that toll-free number, 877-566-4968, to learn more about the EITC and the tax preparation sites and receive help with those overwhelming tax forms free of charge,” says Beshear.

Beshear says the tax preparation sites, staffed by volunteers, will operate between mid-January and February 1st.

He says counties without sites are adjacent to counties with sites. Workers who earn up to 41-thousand dollars may be eligible for the tax credit, which can be as high as almost five thousand dollars.

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Beth February 11, 2009 at 11:45 am

I think that this is a great service that private organizations offer to the community to assist low to moderate income individuals claim a valuable tax credit. The federal government should considered financially assisting the continuation of these programs!

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