Junk Pickup Pamphlets Go Online

by Gabe Bullard on January 2, 2009

Residents of Louisville’s Urban Services District will no longer receive mailed reminders about junk pickup.

The quarterly service for households in the old city limits was traditionally preceded by informational pamphlets that were mailed to every address. Mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter says that system is too expensive and out of date.

“With the budget shortfall and with the fact that most people have a computer or access to a computer, we decided to instead put all the information online and let people search,” he says. “Eventually this will become common so people will, you know, be used to not getting things from Metro Government but going to their computer. So this is just yet another step in that evolution.”

Poynter says the city will save about 20 thousand dollars by forgoing the pamphlets. Junk pickup begins in the Urban Services “A” region on Monday.

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