Down Syndrome & Your Child

by Laura Ellis on December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008
Down Syndrome & Your Child
There was a time when being born with Down Syndrome – a chromosomal disorder marked by cognitive impairment and differences in body structure – meant spending one’s life in an institution and dying young. Thankfully, today, we know that people with Down Syndrome can lead full, rewarding, and increasingly long lives. Therapies and education programs teach people with Down Syndrome to be as independent as possible, and doctors can treat the heart problems that once ended their lives prematurely. Still, finding out your baby has Down Syndrome is a shock to most parents, and it requires an adjustment in their expectations of parenthood. Tune in this Friday to learn more about parenting a person with Down Syndrome.

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Leticia Velasquez December 6, 2008 at 10:51 am

As the mother of a six year old girl with Trisomy 21(Down syndrome) I can reaffirm the positive message on this broadcast.
Thanks to Early Intervention and good medical treatment, children with Trisomy 21 are living normal lives; going to school with their typcial peers, enjoying sports, dance lessons and friendships. My daughter attends a typcial Kindergarten and is doing so well that her goals had to be rewritten after only 2 months to keep up with her progress.
She does have developemental lags, but with her outgoing loving personality, she also has strengths which others admire. Christina has made her family memebers more patient, more tolerant and more selfless.
Individuals with Down syndrome have much to contribute to society, what a shame the abortion rate is over 90%. Only with educational programs such as this will more of these joyful people be brought to birth to enrich our society.

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