HomeGrown 11/16/08 – Bionic Glove & Ken Druse

by Brad Yost on November 16, 2008

HomeGrown shows its good hands, heart and soul this week in interviews with a local hand surgeon who has created a better gardening glove, and an author who has penned a gardening book from the soul.  Dr. James Kleinert of the Bionic Glove Division of Hillerich & Bradsby tells all about the creation of the glove that many gardeners won’t weed without. Acclaimed author Ken Druse talks about “Planthropology,” his new book about the mysteries and myths of plants, gardening and plant explorers.

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Benita Plummer November 20, 2008 at 8:22 am

I would love to know more about the “rain well”.
My parents have a cistern also.
Do you ever treat the cistern water?
Just wondering, my mom said their water has a bad odor sometimes.
Thank you,
Benita Plummer

Brad Yost December 1, 2008 at 11:19 am

Benita: Jeneen has this reply for you.
“Our rain well came from a company in Texas and is used only for watering farm animals and irrigation for plants. Our cistern that services the house (was built when house was built in 1979) is about 10,000 gallons which is larger then most; it is built of concrete blocks which have limestone which is a natural filter; the walls inside are baffled which helps filter a bit, too. I do pour a little bleach into the cistern before a rain, about 1/2 a cup per month. Usually we have plenty of water in the cistern but this season it was really low; there will be a slight smell sometimes for us as well. We do have a string filter once the water enters the house for use that does help (as long as I change the filter regularly!) I would try a little bleach from time to time. Best, Jeneen”

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