Prather Signs Electric Vehicle Order

Kentucky Transporation Secretary Joe Prather has signed an administrative order that will permit the registration of so-called “alternative electric vehicles.”

In August, amid soaring gas prices, Governor Steve Beshear directed Prather to develop and implement standards to allow the legal operation of ZAP and similar electric cars on┬áthe state’s roadways.

Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Chuck Wolfe says the vehicles will be restricted to roadways with a maximum speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

“They could cross a roadway with a higher speed limit if and only if they were crossing at an intersection with a traffic light, and then they just have to cross to get to the other side,” Wolfe said.

The secretary’s order does not include golf carts and all-terrain vehicles.

Wolfe says it will take some time to upgrade the computer systems in county clerk’s offices to handle registration of the electric vehicles.