Living with a Mental Illness

by rfisher on November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008
Living with a Mental Illness
If we believe what we see on TV and in the movies, persons with a mental illness are violent, irrational, unpredictable people who can’t function in “normal” society. But the truth is those who are living day to day with mental illness are our mothers, husbands, co-workers, daughters, teachers, and even us. Mental illness affects every one of us every day, whether we are dealing with an illness personally or it is someone we know casually or someone in our own home. So, what are the challenges and frustrations of living with a mental illness? What can you do to help your family member or friend cope? And how does it affect everyone else? Join us this Friday with your questions and comments when we discuss living with a mental illness.

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Ed Cox November 8, 2008 at 1:47 pm

I hoped to call in yesterday to the show to make a comment on 7 counties.
I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was in my early teens. Somehow I managed without treatment until about 8 years ago.
I had lost several family members and 2 jobs over the span of a year. My medical doctor treated me unsuccessfully for about 6 months then finally sent me to a Psychiatrist here in the city. He was horrible and I finally realized that he was abusive and making me sicker. When I ended this Dr./ patient relationship he told me I would die if I stopped taking the medication… that was actually making me sicker.
I hit rock bottom and was physically ill.
Somehow I had the good sense to go to 7 Counties. They helped me get into University’s Psychiatric Clinic.
It’s been a real struggle but they were able to treat my illness successfully.
Kudos to 7 Counties. Thank you so much the show.

Laura Ellis November 19, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Ed, thanks for sharing your story. It’s scary to think there are doctors out there who are like that – and especially doctors dealing with patients who are in such a fragile place already.

I’m glad you found people who could help you & that you’re doing well now!

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