Riverbank Filtration Tunnel Complete

Tunnel EntranceThe Louisville Water Company has finished digging a mile and a half long tunnel in eastern Jefferson County. It’s part of a new water treatment plant designed to meet federal guidelines for drinking water.

The $50 million plant will filter water from the Ohio River through sand and into the tunnel. Water Company president Greg Heitzman says the method Filtration Tunnelwill ultimately save the company money.

“The water quality that comes out of the riverbank filtration is much cleaner than the river water, so it actually will be an easier process or a simpler process to polish and clean the water for drinking and consumption,” he says.

Heitzman says the sand will filter out many common contaminants.

The plant is scheduled to open in 2010. When it’s completed, it will meet new federal guidelines for drinking water. Those take effect in 2012.