UK Eliminates Dorm Phones, U Of L Expands System

The University of Kentucky has eliminated the rarely-used land line telephones from its dormitories. But, the same move would be nearly impossible at the University of Louisville.

If UK students want land-line phones in their dorms, they can request them, but by having students rely on their cellular phones, the school expects to save 840 thousand dollars.

But the University of Louisville has invested in its resident phone system. Each phone is connected to a central computer network that can call each dorm room in the event of an emergency.

U of L spokesperson John Drees says the school also can send text messages to students on their cell phones during emergencies, but the method isn’t as wide-reaching as the land line technology.

“We’ve found the internet protocol system that we have is probably the most effective system for students on campus,” he says.

UK also has a text messaging system in place for emergencies.