Bob Hill Prepares For C-J Retirement

Longtime Courier-Journal columnist Bob Hill is preparing to close the book on a
four-decade newspaper career.

Hill announced at the end of June he would retire in early August to devote more
time to his southern Indiana gardening operation and other pursuits, and do some

Speaking on WFPL’s “State of Affairs” program Thursday, Hill said he’s leaving
the business on good terms.

“I’ve had the best job at the Courier-Journal for as long as I can remember. I can
come and go as I please, and I pretty much wrote what I want. Why would a
guy leave something like that? Because I have other things i’ve got to get done.
I promised myself all my life I’d write bad novels or poetry or short stories and
I do want to find ways to give back to the Louisville community and i’m working
on some things about that,” he said.

The 65 year old Hill will publish his last column on August 2nd. He’ll continue to
co-host the “Homegrown” gardening program on WFPL.