Kentucky Trailer to Remain in Commonwealth

A Louisville trailer manufacturing company will stay put, after considering a move to southern Indiana. Kentucky Trailer makes custom-built trailers for semi-trucks. The company needed more space to expand, and couldn’t find a suitable location in Louisville.

President Gary Smith says he’s grateful city and state economic leaders stepped in to help them find a site at Riverport, in southwest Jefferson County.

“We’re now able to look to the future with confidence, knowing this special company, a Louisville landmark and a historical icon that dates back to the 1870’s, and that proudly carries the Commonwealth’s name as part of our own, will indeed remain locally-owned…Louisville-based… and forever, Kentucky Trailer,” says Smith.

About 286 people work at the plant, and the expansion could bring as many as 182 new jobs.

The company’s current 30-plus acre property will be purchased by the University of Louisville Foundation. The site is in the middle of its Belknap Campus.