Daniels Pledges Support For Ivy Tech Expansion

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he’ll ask lawmakers to approve a $16 million  expansion project at the Ivy Tech Community College Sellersburg campus.

Daniels made the announcement after meeting with school officials Tuesday  morning.

“They have found a way to create the new space and classroom facilites and others that are needed well within, and in fact, 20 percent below the original projection,”   Daniels said.   “That is very important to all our fellow taxpayers.”

The improvements would include a new 80,000 square foot building to house technology and health programs, as well as renovation work on the school’s existing facilities.

Ivy Tech officials say the space is sorely needed; the spring semester enrollment at the Sellerburg campus was a record 43-hundred students.

The campus is about 12 miles north of Louisville.