Louisville Working to Secure Unclaimed Federal Grants

About twenty-million dollars in federal housing grants awarded to Louisville has gone unclaimed by Metro Government. That disclosure was made at a Metro Council budget hearing this week.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says a lot of that money is set aside for specific projects that have only recently broken ground and simply haven’t needed the money yet. But the Mayor admits in some cases, there were clerical errors in claiming some of the older funds.

“We have had a problem in terms of dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s the federal government has asked us going back better than a decade. We’ve explained to them the old city, the old county, the technology, etc, trying to put the old records together. We turned the corner about a year ago when we put new leadership in and we now are doing it right, and we’ll be able to do it right for the future,” he said.

Abramson says there are deadlines approaching for collecting some of the grants, but the federal government is aware of city’s backlog and he’s confident all the available money will be claimed.