Northup, Yarmuth Spar Over Gas Prices

Republican congressional candidate Anne Northup says the high cost of gasoline
can be alleviated if the government would allow oil companies to drill in places like
Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Northup blames Capitol Hill Democrats, including her opponent, 3rd District
Congressman John Yarmuth, for failing to prevent the spike in prices by
blocking legislation to allow the drilling.

“If you pull up at the gas tank, and you don’t mind paying 75 dollars to fill up
your tank, or 60 dollars to fill up your tank, well, you know, you should vote
for John Yarmuth,” Northup said Tuesday.

Yarmuth says the high prices are the result of Republican economic failures
and instability in the Middle East, and Northup is simply kowtowing to
big oil “when she’s taken $300,000 dollars in campaign contributions in her
career running for Congress and also owns over a half million dollars in
energy company stock.”

Northup is trying to win back the House seat she held for five terms before
losing to Yarmuth in 2006.