Salvage Plan Presented to Coast Guard to Reclaim Barges

Ohio River traffic continues to move near downtown Louisville – as plans are being made to remove two barges that took on water and broke away from their tow Friday.

Scott Noble of Ingram Barge Company, which owns the sunken vessels, says his firm is now helping others navigate the wreckage site.

“We do have an assist boat that will be communicating with every tow, that is coming through the area, giving them advice, what to look for, how to approach it. The advantage is the current is coming down, it certainly becomes much less of a challenge,” he said.

Ingram presented a salvage proposal to the U.S. Coast Guard today. Officials will the Coast Guard say they’ll have it reviewed by Wednesday afternoon.

Noble says they’ll have to remove some of the barges contents in order to retrieve them. The barges were carrying iron in powder form.

Two coal barges were damaged when they struck the wreckage early this morning.