Nashville and Cars

by Gabe Bullard on June 5, 2008

In the story on the city car fleet and its cost, I compared Louisville’s practice of letting police officers use their cars for personal errands to those of Nashville, Tennessee. There, officers can drive their cars home, but only specific employees – SWAT team members, for example – can use their city-provided cars for personal driving.

This week, the Associated Press reported this:

Metro Nashville government will shrink its fleet of cars by 10 percent to save fuel. The Tennessean reported Mayor Karl Dean would announce the reduction Monday (6-3).

The paper quoted the mayor’s office as saying the city will eliminate 400 vehicles and expects to save more than $1.4 million a year.

The report also said the mayor will reduce the number of employees who may drive city cars home.

Rising fuel costs will be affecting TARC services in Louisville, but the fleet will remain intact. In part two of my interview with Mayor Jerry Abramson, I brought up that in the 1990s the county police force temporarily suspended it’s take-home car program. He says there are no plans to do that now.

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Terry June 6, 2008 at 10:49 am

Gee, I’d like to have a city car and only have to pay $30 a month…as opposed to the $40+ I spend a WEEK to keep it fueled.
Who cares if the police are “visible” in the community? I see plenty of off duty policemen/women who speed on the highways, don’t use turn signals, put on their lights to get through traffic (and suddenly the emergency is over once they are through the lights, or heavy traffic), and ignore stranded drivers. I can do without that kind of “visibility”.
This is crap! It’s ridiculous that Louisville has one of the highest tax rates in America and our education system sucks, but let’s ensure the city workers have cars to drive around. We have the Lottery to fund the education system, but the tuition rates at UofL continue to rise at an absurd rate, but hey, the city workers have cars to drive…and only have to pay $30 a month.
Let’s see Abramson ride TARC to work like so many other people are having to do, because they can’t afford to put gas in their cars. Oh wait, he can afford to drive to work because he can charge everything to the city and we pay for it. So, until we, the tax payers, are willing to rise up and protest this absolute waste of our tax dollars, it will continue.
Wave the next time you see Abramson drive by….that’s your money he’s burning in his tank!

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