More On The City Car Program

by Gabe Bullard on May 30, 2008

This page features some additional content gathered while producing and researching the feature on the city car fleet.

Here is part one my full interview with Mayor Jerry Abramson about the city take-home car program:

Here’s part two:
The following elected and appointed officials have vehicles provided by the city:

Jerry Abramson – Mayor

Robert White – LMPD Chief

Neal Richmond – EMS Director

Doug Hamilton – EMA Director

Tom Campbell – Corrections Director

Clarence White – Youth Detention Director

Ted Pullen – Public Works & Assets Director

Giles Miloche – Animal Services Director

Charles Cash – Planning & Design Director

William Schreck – IPL Director

Mike Heitz – Parks Director

John Walczak – Zoo Director

Ron Holmes – Coroner

David Stengle – Commonwealth Attorney

Everyone listed above pays $30 a month for their cars. The city pays for gas and maintenance.

Not all of those vehicles are technically for all day use, but this list of city vehicle purchases from 2004 to present shows that, among others, Parks Director Mike Heitz is always on call and can use his city provided Ford Escape Hybrid for personal use.

Column E of the fleet list explains how the cars can be used:

A vehicles are permanently assigned to a job slot for 24 hour use.

B vehicles are permanently assigned to a job slot for working hours, including travel to and from work.

C vehicles are permanently assigned to an agency/department for use during work hours only.

D vehicles are permanently assigned to elected officials.

Yellow marks unavailable data and red indicates classified information.

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jones/dadey June 3, 2008 at 6:46 am

Dear WFPL,
Loved your story about the take home cars, but why not do a more in depth story about the hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline that are used by LMPD officers working off-duty for privately owned companies. Many of these companies are owned by retired Lou/Jeff. co police officers. (Louisville Patrol, Jefferson Special Police). They are raking in millions of dollars a year by leasing out the officers for patrols, barricade work, etc., while the officers sit with their vehicles idiling with the A/C on or drive a patrol with the taxpayers picking up the tab for the gasoline. This has been going on unabated for years, and the $60 fee now imposed is a joke. They are using thousands of dollars of gasoline. You could get the gas records for some of these vehicles. There are dozens if not hundreds of officers working for these companies. I hate to see such huge cuts in city services, and pool closures while we are making millionaires out of these company owners who are getting the cars and gas for their businesses basically for free.

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