Mayor Responds To GE Sale Report

by Rick Howlett on May 15, 2008

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson says he hasn’t received any word from General Electric that the company is selling its Louisville-based appliance business.

Abramson called a Thursday morning press conference following a report in the  Wall Street Journal that GE has hired Goldman-Sachs to auction the division.

“We in this community as well as the Commonwealth of Kentucky will be the  first ones to be notified and be given the chance if in fact a sale is to take place, when in fact a sale would be consummated, to work with and have the chance to be engaged with the buyer,” Abramson said.

GE has not commented publicly on the report.

GE’s Appliance Park employs about 5,000 people.

Abramson says if there is a sale, it would not necessarily mean those jobs would be lost, adding that the city and state would encourage the new owner to keep the business in Louisville.

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