Retail Study Released

Louisville Metro Government officials say they want to use a new study to help attract businesses to underserved areas.

The Retail Market Study was put together by a Maryland based firm. It surveys the Louisville Metro area and points out the abundance or lack of retail establishments such as supermarkets, restaurants and department stores in certain areas.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says he hopes to present the study to business owners in hopes that they will decide to expand their operations to underserved areas.

“In some areas it’s a grocery. In some areas it’s a coffee shop. In some areas it’s a bookstore. In some areas it’s a department store,” he said. “We now have hard data to show the retailers in this community that there are opportunities in areas that they may not have thought about investing in.”

Abramson says the study will be used to encourage local businesses to expand and to entice national chains to come to Louisville.