Students Plan Frankfort Rally

A group of University of Louisville students will lead a sit-in and rally in Frankfort this Friday to voice opposition to proposed tuition hikes at U of L and other state universities.

Organizer Drew Tucker with the U of L student group Progressive Action Coalition says administrators haven’t done enough to find alternatives to annual tuition increases.

“We feel like its the universities’ reponsibility to take the issue of finding funds other than raising tuition,” Tucker said. “We feel like that’s their responsibility to take that more seriously and so something about it and look into that issue.”

The sit-in and rally will be held Friday morning outside the Council on Postsecondary Education office in Frankfort.

Tucker says students from other state universities have been invited to take part.

Officials at U of L, the University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University are recommending a nine percent tution increase to help offset state budget cuts. Eastern Kentucky University students face an eight percent tuition increase.