Beshear Signs Bill Banning Alcohol Vaporizers

A bill that bans the use or sale of alcohol vaporizers has been signed into law by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. The devices turn whiskey or other liquors into a mist that’s inhaled and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

House Bill 202 is sponsored by Lexington Representative Susan Westrom, who believes the vaporizers are potentially deadly.

“It’s a medical device that has not been regulated by the CDC, it’s not been tested, so we truly don’t know what the outcomes are. we actually wanted to do a controlled study in the state of Kentucky last year, but the department of justice say the liability issues were so powerful that they didn’t think it was a wise idea once they thought very carefully about it,” Westrom said.

The device has already been banned in more than 20 other states.

(Thanks to WEKU/Kentucky Public Radio)