Personal Epiphanies

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Fifty years ago Trappist Monk and now renowned spiritual writer Thomas Merton experienced his first personal epiphany at the corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets in downtown Louisville. Walnut Street is now Muhammad Ali Boulevard and Thomas Merton has long passed, but his revelation that day of his love for and connection to all people changed his life forever. Have you had an experience that changed your life? One day, just out of the blue, the thought comes to you and the direction of your life changes? Maybe it wasn’t a concrete visible change as in quitting your job, but maybe it was a profound internal change. Join us on Tuesday when we learn more about Merton’s epiphany and hear from some ordinary folks who’ve experienced their own transforming moments – and call us with your stories.

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Guests: Tom Williams, Paul Pearson, Don Vish, Pam Platt, Christopher 2X, Joe Reagan

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