Studio 619 for June 10, 2007

Metro Council interviews

In this week’s show, Studio 619 brings you the latest three interviews in our series of conversations with Louisville’s Metro Council members. This week, we talked with District Twenty-Two Councilman Robin Engel, District Twenty-Three Councilman James Peden, and District Twenty-Four Councilwoman Madonna Flood.

George Eastman House Collection

For over 150 years, photography has served as one of the preeminent vectors for historical preservation and communication. The Speed Art Museum has an upcoming exhibit “The Best of Photography and Film from George Eastman House Collection.”

The exhibit features pieces from the likes of Mathew Brady, Ansel Adams, and Robert Capa, among others. With over 200 iconic works on display, the exhibit explores photography starting with the 1839 deguerreotype and film dating from before 1923.

Join WFPL’s David Tao as he talks with exhibit curator Bill Carner about the importance and history of photography and film.

Judi Jennings

When we think of radical thinking, liberal politics and bucking the establishment, we often think of the U.S. in the 1960’s, but that is way too conservative. The 18th century was a time of radical thinking in England.

And one of the most interesting radical thinkers of the day was Mary Morris Knowles: Quaker, artist, feminist and supporter of the American quest for independence.

Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with local author Judi Jennings about her new book “Gender, Religion, and Radicalism in the Long Eighteenth Century: The ‘Ingenious Quaker’ and Her Connections.”

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco, invented by the Gypsies, is a unique combination of music and dance performed world-wide.

Emotion is the essence of the art form. A group known as “Flamenco Louisville” spreads its passion for the art throughout the community. WFPL’s Julie Goodwin explores how some have become “addicted” to Flamenco.

 Listen to the show.