Studio 619 for April 1, 2007

Chris Epting

Spring is here! Warmer temperatures, spring thunderstorms and blooming trees can only mean one thing to sports enthusiasts – baseball season is on the way. To help ease you into that baseball spirit, WFPL’s Rick Howlett spoke with author Chris Epting, who’s written a book about baseball landmarks throughout the country. It’s called “Roadside Baseball: Uncovering Hidden Treasures From Our National Pastime”.

“King” Kelly Coleman

“King” Kelly Coleman is considered by some to be the best basketball player to ever emerge from Kentucky. He earned the nickname “King” in the late 1950’s – while he was in high school. Coleman quickly was touted as the best high school basketball player in the country – ahead of Jerry West.

But growing up as one of eleven children to a low-income family in Wayland, Kentucky, Coleman wasn’t emotionally prepared to become one of the first sports superstars in the nation. He spoke with WFPL’s Stan Cook about the experience.

Eleanor Lerman

After a twenty-five year absence, Eleanor Lerman returned to poetry after spending time writing crimes novels and short fiction. She says when she was approached about writing poetry again she had to make the decision to change her life completely once the poet was reawakened. Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with Lerman about coming back to poetry and her two latest collections “The Mystery of Meteors” and “Our Post-Soviet History Unfolds”.

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